Call for Papers


Call for Papers


Dear Professors, PhD, researchers and scholars of the field of ecosystems and related areas to, such as environmental engineering, agriculture, bio-chemistry (soil, water, air), pollution, geology, forestry, urban ecology, resource economics, etc., at the moment, I declare the sending of scientific journal articles to IJEES (International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science), is OPEN. Sending of items can only be done electronically, to the following address:;

The confirmation of receiving these items will be announced within the period of three weeks after sending. Weather the article is accepted or not, will be announced within a period of six weeks. Only original articles will be accepted, validated, and not to have or be published in other journals. Publication lasts from three to six months.


Information on the format of the article and the requirements for a valid article can be found at:


This journal has the status of an international journal

We welcome your contributions to science, as opportunities for growth and quality of environmental research.


Editor -  in - Chief:

Prof. Dr. Hysen Mankolli,

International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES)

Electronic Publication IL, USA