International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 13/4, 2023

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Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science


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Volume 13/4, 2023         


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📁  M E Maurice1*, C Nchang1, A Ayamba1, F Nestor1, K Bumtu1, E Arrabi1, T Chembonui2, T Nwah2, A Eyama3, THE METEOROLOGICAL ROLE ON THE SURVIVAL OF BIRDS IN LIMBE BOTANIC GARDEN, SOUTHWEST REGION, CAMEROON, page 1-10;   -   📁  Alyona Bunas1*, Yeuheniia Tkach2, ACTIVITY OF THE MICROBIOCENOSE OF THE ROOT ZONE OF CORN PLANTS UNDER THE ACTION OF PLANT PROTECTION AGENTS, page 11-16;   -   📁  Alexander Sizykh1*, PHYTOCOENOSES UNDER DIFFERENT PHYSICAL-GEOGRAPHIC CONDITIONS: INTERZONAL, INTERHEIGHT BELTS, EXTRAZONAL ONES, ECOTONES AND PARAGENESE (LAKE BAIKAL REGION), page 17-24;   -   📁  Ariana Striniqi*, COLEOPTEROPHAUNA OF THE REC-RAPSH REGION, NORTHERNMOST PART OF ALBANIA: A TAXONOMIC AND ECOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT, page 25-30;   -   📁  Dmytrо Litvinov1, Lyudmyla Symochko2,3,4,*, Olena Litvinova1, Olha Dmytrenko5, Svitlana Kovalova6, SOIL MANAGEMENT IN AGROECOSYSTEMS - IMPACT ON THE СATION-ANION COMPOSITION IN THE AERATION ZONE OF SOILS, page 31-38;   -   📁  H. Mankolli1*, C. Kongoli2,3,*, M. Zucchetti4,5, S. Dursun6, DATA SNOW TRENDS IN THE ILLINOIS STATE, page 39-44;   -   📁  Zoran Sapuric1*, Filip Ivanovski1, Dame Dimitrovski2, Natasa Gaber-Damjanovska3, Sukru Dursun4, IMPLEMENTATION OF EU REGIONAL POLICY AND LEGISLATION IN NORTH MACEDONIA: FOCUS ON THE ENVIRONMENT, page 45-50;   -   📁  Abstract Vol.13, 4, 2023   -   📁  Content vol. 13.4, 2023   -   📁  International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 13/4, 2023   -