International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 12/2, 2022

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Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science


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Volume 12/2, 2022           



Table of contents: 

📁  А. Т. Аimen1*, D. О. Аtasheva1, G. A. Sarbasova1, A. B. Moldasheva1, U. A. Orynbaeva1, Z. Borkulakova1, D.M. Khazhgaliyeva1, M.А.Kaldygozova1, ECOLOGICAL ECONOMIC MODEL OF FUNCTIONING OF NATURAL ECONOMIC COMPLEXES OF RIVER BASINS, page 313-322;   -   📁  Neeraj Sharma1*, K. Parameswaran1, THE UTILITY OF ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT REPORTS IN PROVIDING FISCAL SOLUTIONS TO ENSURE ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE, page 323-328;   -   📁  Alexander Sizykh1*, Vera Poletaeva2, PLANT COMMUNITIES OF “INSULAR FOREST-STEPPE” AND “INSULAR STEPPES” AS PARAGENESE IN VEGETATION STRUCTURE OF WESTERN PRE-BAIKAL, page 329-336;   -   📁  Elena Petrovna Shkodina1, Olga Vasilyevna Balun1, Sergey Ivanovich Kapustin2,3, Alexander Borisovich Volodin2, Andrey Sergeevich Kapustin4*, ECOLOGICAL VARIETY TRIAL OF ANNUAL FORAGE CROPS IN THE NOVGOROD REGION, page 337-344;   -   📁  Mikhail Zinovievich Schwarts1*, THE RIGHT PROTECTION OF NATURAL RESOURCES ... OF ENVIRONMENTAL STANDARDS, ACCORDING TO THE LEGISLATION OF RUSSIA: PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS, page 345-354;   -   📁  Otjela LUBONJA1*, Admir JANÇE2, URBANIZATION LANDSCAPE ASSOCIATED WITH “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT” CONCEPT FOR TIRANA TOWN, ALBANIA, page 355-366;   -   📁  Otjela LUBONJA1*, Admir JANÇE2, URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND ECONOMIC-FINANCIAL INDICATORS CORRELATION IN TIRANA, ALBANIA, page 377-390;   -   📁  Sharap S Saduakassov1*, Baurzhan Smatlayev1, Yerazak M Tileubergenov2, Saule Zh Seitenova2, Igor V Ossyko3, HISTORICAL GENESIS OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF CRIMINALISTICS IN THE CONTEXT OF NATURAL AND TECHNICAL SCIENCES, page 371-376;   -   📁  Sharap Seitkasymovich Saduakassov1*, Yerazak Manapovich Tileubergenov2, Laura Satybaldi3, Arman Baimurzaevich Khabdulin2, Yerlan Amangeldievich Nauryzbayev2, RESEARCH OF THE SYNTHESIS OF NATURAL AND TECHNICAL SCIENCES IN CRIMINALISTICS, page 391-398;   -   📁  A.P. Shikhverdiev1*, A.A. Vishnyakov1, V.V. Masuria1, N.I. Romanchuk1, N I. Obrezkov1, ENTREPRENEURIAL ECOSYSTEM: PROBLEMS AND DEVELOPMENT PATHS, CASE STUDY OF ARTIC TERRITORIES OF KOMI REPUBLIC, page 399-408;   -   📁  Naser Bajraktari1*, Dijesa Morina1, Agron Shala2, Ylber Bajraktari3*, DETERMINATION OF IRRIGATION WATER QUALITY IN RADONIQI RESERVOIR THROUGH SOME OF THE MOST IMPORTANT PARAMETERS, page 409-418;   -   📁  Nexhdet Shala1, Arsim Elshani2*, Ibrahim Hoxha3, MONITORING OF DRINKING WATER CONTAMINANTS IN THE REGION OF PEJA, KOSOVO, page 539-546;   -   📁  Klementin Mile1*, Gerti Sqapi1, THE ENVIRONMENT OF POLITICAL AND LEGAL PROCESSES: RECONCEPTUALIZING EUROPEAN INTEGRATION FOR ASPIRING COUNTRIES, page 419-426;   -   📁  Defrime Berisha1*, Gjokë Duhanaj1, Bujar Neziraj2, Arben Osmanaj2, Naser Bajraktari1*, INFLUENCE OF POTASSIUM FERTILIZER DOSES ON POTATO PLANT (Solanum tuberosum L.), page 433-440;   -   📁  А.Т. Аimen1*, G.T. Kuandykova1, D.О. Аtasheva1, G.A. Sarbasova1, A.B. Moldasheva1, U.A. Orynbaeva1, Z. Borkulakova1*, M.A. Kaldygozova1, SOIL RECLAMATION AND CONSERVATION IN THE RIVER BASINS OF CENTRAL ASIA, page 441-450;   -   📁  Nguyen Dinh Trung1, Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy2*, Le Huong Hoa3, Bui Thi Thu4, Nguyen Thi Hang5, A REGULATION APPROACH OF PUBLISHING FALSE OR FAKE NEWS: A CASE STUDY OF VIETNAM MAGAZINES, page 427-432;   -   📁  Nguyen Dinh Trun1, Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy2*, Le Huong Hoa3, Vu Quynh Nam4, Hoang Van Long5, WHICH LAWS GOVERNING PUBLISHING FALSE INFORMATION AND FAKE NEWS IN CASE OF VIETNAM NEWSPAPERS, page 451-458;   -   📁  Nguyen Duc Huu1*, SOCIAL CAPITAL IN THE EMPLOYMENT STRATEGY OF INDUSTRIAL PARK WORKERS IN VIETNAM: EVIDENCE OF A RETURN AFTER THE PANDEMIC, page 459-472;   -   📁  Wanguili Djawe Yannick1*, Tchobsala1, Noiha Noumi Valery2,3, ECOLOGICAL AND STRUCTURAL STUDY OF THE MORINGA OLEIFERA POPULATION IN THE SUDANO-SAHELIAN ZONE: CASE OF THE FAR NORTH OF CAMEROON, page 473-482;   -   📁  Tabet Aoual Faiza1, Ammam Abdelkader2*, STUDY OF THE PREVALENCE OF CANINE LEISHMANIASIS IN THE WILAYA OF SAIDA, ALGERIA, page 531-538;   -   📁  Sharap S Saduakassov1*, Baurzhan Smatlayev1, Yerlan A Nauryzbayev2, Marat K Zholumbaev3, THE USE OF DIGITAL INFORMATION IN THE CONTEXT OF NATURAL AND TECHNICAL SCIENCES WITHIN THE FRAMEWORK OF CRIMINALISTICS, page 367-370   -   📁  Rr Sejdiu1*, R Topuzi1, M Sejdiu2, B Jashari1, THE IMPACT OF CLIMATE CONDITIONS ON WOOD SHRINKING AND SWELLING AND ITS EFFECT ON FURNITURE DAMAGE (Case study in the Republic of Kosovo), page 525-530;   -   📁  Sergey V Bank1, Vladimir D Sekerin2*, Anna E Gorokhova2, Natalya V Gayduk3, Evgeny A Shibanikhin3, IMPACT OF ECONOMIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF FOOD SECURITY OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION, page 517-524;   -   📁  Houria Kasmi1*, Hebib Aggad1, Amina Belkhemas2, Nacéra Bouriah1, Hamdi Bendif2, RELATIONS BETWEEN ELECTRICAL CONDUCTIVITY, CALIFORNIA MASTITIS ... IN THE DIAGNOSIS OF SUBCLINICAL MASTITIS IN DAIRY COWS IN TIARET REGION, WESTERN ALGERIA, page 499-506;   -   📁  Natalya M Boboshko1, Vladimir I Boboshko1, Elena V Bokareva2*, Elena V Litvinova2, Elena N Podsevalova2, Nina V Dmitrieva2, PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE OF USING THE BALANCE METHOD IN MANAGEMENT, page 483-490;   -   📁  Alexandr Anatolievich Mokhov1*, Yury Alexandrovich Svirin2, Natalya Semenovna Posulikhina1, Vladislav Petrovich Sorokin3, Eduard Eduardovich Artyukhov4, BIOLAW AND ITS DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION, page 491-498;   -   📁  Aleksei V. Grigorishchin1, Lyudmila V. Voronina1,2, Dilmurad B. Yakhyaev1, Arif P. Shikverdiev3, Nadejda I. Romanchuk3, Viktoriya V. Mazur3*, TRANSPORT AVAILABILITY AS FACTOR OF ... DEVELOPMENT IN RUSSIAN ARCTIC ZONE, page 507-516;   -   📁  Amour Fatima1, Hammoudi Abdelhamid2, Ammam Abdelkader2*, CONTRIBUTION TO THE STUDY OF THE ANTIBACTERIAL AND METHANOGENIC EFFECT OF ESSENTIAL OILS OF PIMPINELLA ANISUM ON THE RUMEN FLORA OF ALGERIAN RAMS, page 547-552;   -   📁  Vladimir S. Sinenko1*, Evgeniy E. Tonkov1, Yuliya V. Boltenkova1, Elvira M. Vasekina1, Neonila A. Turanina2, COMPENSATION FOR ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE UNDER INTERNATIONAL LAW AND NATIONAL LEGISLATION, page 663-668;   -   📁  Messaadi Mahassene1, Kaid M’hamed1, Ammam Abdelkader2*, Didier Villemin3, REMOVAL OF CONGO RED BY A SYNTHESIZED LAYERED DOUBLE HYDROXIDE ZN-AL-SO4, page 553-566;   -   📁  O Drebot1, I Shvydenko1, L Raіchuk1*, O Yaremko2, L Symochko3, M Vysochanska1, H Chobotko1, М Kuchma1, REHABILITATION OF FOREST ECOSYSTEMS TAKING ....... IN THE CONTEXT OF THE EUROPEAN GREEN DEAL, page 575-584;   -   📁  Attaullah Kakar1, Tahseen Fatima Miano1*, Aijaz Hussain Soomro1, Asfand Yar1, Shamim Ara Memon2, Babar Khan1, OIL AND WATER ABSORPTION CAPACITY OF WHEAT, RICE AND GRAM FLOUR POWDERS, page 585-594;   -   📁  Nguyen Trong Diep1, Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy2*, Le Huong Hoa3, ANALYSIS AND DISCUSSION ON IMPLEMENTATION AND ENFORCEMENT OF THE CONSUMER PROTECTION LAW, page 567-574;   -   📁  Vladimir S. Sinenko1*, Evgeniy E. Tonkov1, Sergey A. Belousov2, Irina S. Iskevich3, Angelina V. Petergova4, DEVELOPMENT OF LEGISLATION ON ENVIRONMENTAL INSURANCE: EXPERIENCE OF THE EUROPEAN UNION AND RUSSIA, page 669-674;   -   📁  Vladimir K Vasilin1, Tatyana A Stroganova1, Gennady D Krapivin1, Elena A Butina1, Evgeny O Gerasimenko1*, Irina A Dubrovskaya1, USING THE NUCLEAR MAGNETIC RESONANCE METHOD TO IDENTIFY VEGETABLE OILS AND THEIR MIXTURES, page 595-606;   -   📁  Olga S. Zimina1, Yulia Y. Finogenova1*, Alisa S. Bokhan1, DIGITALIZATION OF THE PENSION MARKET IN VIEW OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REQUIREMENTS: CASE STUDY FOR RUSSIA, page 607-616;   -   📁  Vilor Tapakova1*, Ermek Abdrasulov1, Laura Satybaldi2, Bagdat S Rakhmetulina3, Yerazak M Tileubergenov3, RESEARCH ON ENSURING HUMAN RIGHTS IN THE FRAMEWORK OF TRADE AND ECONOMIC RELATIONS, page 617-622;   -   📁  B.V. Sevastyanov1, R.O. Shadrin1*, THE IMPACT OF HAZARDOUS AND HARMFUL PRODUCTION FACTORS ON WORKERS’ HEALTH: THE EXAMPLE OF AN OIL PRODUCTION ENTERPRISE, page 623-628;   -   📁  Natalia Gennadievna Novikova1*, Lyudmila Anatolyevna Ulyanchenko1, MACROECONOMIC POLICY AS A CONDITION FOR THE FORMATION OF CORPORATE FINANCIAL POLICY, page 629-640;   -   📁  Olga M Lizina1*, Dinara A Bistyaykina1, Elena N Kasarkina1, Oksana V Fedonina1, Elena G Pankova1, SHADOW CHARITY: STEREOTYPES AND RECOMMENDATIONS FOR SOLVING THE PROBLEM IN MODERN RUSSIAN SOCIETY, page 641-650;   -   📁  Vitaliy F. Vasyukov1*, Mihail S. Rusanov2, Ulumdzhi K. Boldyrev2, Andrey A. Eltsin2, Elmir N. Alimamedov3, PROBLEMS AND PRIORITY AREAS FOR DEVELOPMENT OF TAXATION IN GAS AND OIL COMPLEX IN RUSSIA, page 651-656;   -   📁  Elena N Redikultseva1*, Liudmila V Stakhova2, Sergei V Feoktistov3, Nataliia A Panova4, Elena B Tretyak4, ECONOMIC AND LEGAL ASPECTS OF DEVELOPING GREEN TOURISM, page 657-662;   -   📁  Vitaly V. Penskoy1, Evgeniy E. Tonkov1, Natalya A. Kosolapova3*, Nikolay Iv. Svechnikov2, Svetlana G. Alekseeva3, FOREST LEGISLATION OF PETER THE GREAT: TRADITIONS AND INNOVATIONS, page 675-682;   -   📁  Oleg R. Scopenko1*, Yuri N. Andreev1, Denis N. Latypov2, Anna Rudavina1, Anna S. Shekhovtsova3, LINEAR OBJECTS AS REAL ESTATE OBJECTS: LEGISLATIVE APPROACHES OF RUSSIA AND FOREIGN COUNTRIES, page 683-686;   -   📁  Evgeniy E. Tonkov1, Natalya A. Kosolapova1*, Sergey Yu. Sumenkov2, Yury A. Kondrashov3, Yulia V. Aleksakhina4, THE STATE AND ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT: GENERAL REGULATORY ISSUES, page 687-692;   -   📁  Abstract Volume 12/2, 2022 IJEES   -   📁  Contents Volume 12/2, 2022 IJEES   -   📁  SAFA Omar1*, BOUACHA Mohamed Islem1, SOUDANI Leila1, AZZAOUI Mohamed Essalah1, CHAFAA Meriem1, FIRE RISK MAPPING IN THE SDAMAS CHERGUI FOREST IN TIARET REGION, ALGERIA, page 693-702;   -   📁  International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 12/2, 2022 a   -   📁  International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science (IJEES) Volume 12/2, 2022 b   -